Foood and Autism

Corm in the chili, no bar-b-Que sauce for the meat what were we thinking! Something green, it better not even come near my David’s plate.

I dream about making one pot meals or casseroles , I know the kids won’t eat them though so it’s hot dogs, chicken nuggets or pizza. My daughter will eat vegetables even spinach and she likes fish, but squeaky wheel gets the oil as they say. The closest we get to putting vegetables on My David’s plate is sneaking it in the spaghetti sauce pureed of course.

Most people don’t understand this parents with typical children will say something like well all kids want to eat those things or if you keep giving it to them eventually they will eat it. My David has literally thrown up trying to eat cooked vegetables. He will not eat the other foods he will go hungry not just for one meal but for however many meals there are where his foods are not served. I’ve tried vitamins for him, even the expensive liquid ones, until he noticed they were in his cup and wouldn’t drink. I got fed up with having to dump the cup and give him something else after hours of him not drinking anything.

I have tried making the fake nuggets, the all beef hot dogs and the pizza with peppers or other vegetables, but he can always tell. I hope at some point this will improve. We almost had an improvement with Yo-Gaba-Gaba try it you’ll like it song but it doesn’t work any more.


Cable For Christmas

I was watching my son learn Mandarin from a cartoon and started thinking about all my kids have learned from these shows. When I was a kid Mandarin was just a type of orange, I also thought Chinese people spoke Chinese and Mexicans spoke Mexican.

It started early my kids learned words in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and even American Sign language. Even I learned more from these shows than I learned in middle and high school Spanish class. They learned colors, my son even named he red puppy Rojo, which is red in Spanish. They also learned how to group things by color. They learned shapes, I think I only knew the basic ones going into Kindergarten, I still have to think hard about which is the hexagon. From there they began to identify numbers and letters. Then my little ones even figured out how to put the shapes, letters and numbers into patterns. It doesn’t even stop with general learning, the characters have problems where they have to make friends, make up with friends and even talk to adults they don’t know. Not to mention the problem solving skills they learn. I wish I could explain how important that is for an Autistic child. My kids also have interest that I wouldn’t even know where to start teaching them about it. My boys like cars, trains and dinosaurs. My extent of knowledge is on short supply there. I think I knew 6 types of dinosaurs before. My daughter likes to learn about wild animals and foreign lands. All that I know about those things are from books I read as a child and television shows that I currently watch.

So maybe cable should be part of my educational budget what do you think. The kids have enough books, they are falling off the shelves. Their toy boxes are over flowing so maybe for Christmas Santa could help with the cable bill.


I’ve decided to write up some things that I’m thankful for all the time especially for Thanksgiving.

1.My family specifically my mom (Nana), for taking more of an extra parent role and not spoiling my kids. My sister, Yellow Rose for all of the support financially and emotionally. Then there is my Gram for the guidance and the transporting of kids, grocery trips and loaning out of household goods (on those days when I can’t get out of the house.)

2.My daughter, Lil Pop Star for being so mature and responsible, most days. For accepting and helping with her brothers, when she wants to.

3.Coffee I must have it all day to keep moving and yes I have problems sleeping, but not from the coffee it’s from kids climbing into my bed.

4.Chocolate, here I must mention these are in no particular order, but like a lot of women I turn to chocolate for that good feeling.

5.For living in the USA, my kids go to a great school and we are provided for pretty well. We can’t do many of the thing we want to, but most of the things we need to do are done.

6.Facebook I get to talk to family and friends out of state and people I’ve never met that I can help or that can give me advice. Also, the games allow me to have fun pretty much free and not have to leave the house and my kids.

7.The dog, she’s a pit-boxer and the most frustrating loveable creature. She likes to lay on the furniture and when she wants to go out she wants out right away. She likes to snuggle and will lay next to me on the floor by my couch when I’m sick. She likes people food especially potato chips and will sit quietly and stare until somebody gives her whatever they are eating.

8.My son’s teachers and workers that have transformed him in the last few years from a kid that could barely speak and couldn’t handle eating a meal out of the house to a some what adjusted very verbal Autistic boy.

9. For my little rascal, he drives me crazy aggravating his sister and brother. He’s my heart and my hope he’s my baby boy.

10. For My David he’s Autistic, but it’s doesn’t define everything he is to me. He’s cuddly, smart, inventive, brave and he’s a piece of me. He is the piece I was missing for years when I was looking for some kind of love that I couldn’t even fathom. A love that doesn’t require “I love you” and hugs and which makes it all the sweeter when it comes.

I’ve wrote and cried so now I’m done thank you for reading this.

Love life with mamaundun

A friend asked me today if I missed having a love life. It’s not that I wouldn’t consider getting involved with somebody, but it’s not like they are banging on the door. They would have to for me to even meet somebody, unless they ask me out at the store or the kids school. Also, the whole “going out” thing has changed. It’s hard enough to get a babysitter when I really need one. How am I supposed to date? It would take somebody pretty special or crazy to want to come into this family and it’s a whole package. So yes I do miss it sometimes cry over it and have anxiety over getting older and being alone, that 30 birthday isn’t far off. Is it even fair to ask somebody to deal with all of this ASD and ready made family?

Little Daily Miracles

Things I’m thankful for today.
Today my David played get your nose with his little brother, it made me smile and cry a little. When he was 3 if you told him you had his nose he would cry because he took everything literally. He’s 6 now and my little boy is 3. He started the game and actually laughed then ran with his brother’s nose and they played together without fighting.
I never thought that having 2 boys would be such a blessing I love my girl, but if my 3rd child had been a girl I believe the family would be chaos. I wanted a girl but part of that was the Autism fear since boys are so much more likely to be on the spectrum than girls.
My daughter is a rubber band. Today we got rid of the old bunk beds, even though we haven’t gotten the new ones yet, a friend says she wants them. I told my daughter that we got rid of her bed because she doesn’t like to sleep in it any ways and she didn’t care she just agreed.
My sister sent us a box of snacks that are gluten free and the cookies were good enough that even my mom ate one.

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