I’m a single Mama of 3 kids. My life has come undone in the last few years, the things I thought I wanted don’t really matter to me and my eyes have opened to what is important. My oldest child is a Little Pop Star she’s in voice lessons, orchestra and makes good grades has good friends everything I could want for her. My older son whom I call My David is Autistic, he’s high functioning, and he’s making great strides in school. My youngest is a hellion he gets into stuff, climbs things and aggravates his brother and sister. He loves books and Nick Jr and cuddling. He’s terribly shy of adults but getting better. My mom lives with me she has Lupus and seizures, she’s a different kind of grandmother, everybody calls her Nana. I like to bake cakes,  and drink coffee with my friends it’s our way of being social. I read anything I can get my hands on, I would hoard books if I could afford to buy them. Also, I like to play games online and it’s one way I connect with My David he’s into playing online computer games and watching funny videos on YouTube. The kids games on the computer are too easy for him, he’s great at puzzles and find it games.


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