Cancer can be the scariest word you ever hear! I know the first time I ever heard of somebody I knew having cancer I was too young to understand what it meant, but after losing my grandma it was a word that set off bells and whistles in my head.
When my mom found out she had Lupus it was some what of a relief, who had heard of Lupus before in the late 90’s but everybody knew what cancer was. That is what they thought it was before that the doctors were even considering starting chemo. When my dad found out he had a tumor on his kidney he thought he could stomp it out by being strong like he had his whole life, but it was quick to take the blood supply of that kidney setting off the chain of events leading to his passing.
Now I have 2 family members battling a 2 kind of cancer. One used to party hard, still smokes and has diabetes. The other has raised her kids, loved her husband and her church. Cancer doesn’t care! I hate cancer it has taken to much. Please keep praying, keep funding research, keep trying to get rid of this thing. I will keep hope, I will keep praying not just for my family but for yours too!


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