Prep for Autism

When I was a little girl I didn’t fit in very well I wore dresses when the other girls wore jeans. I had a different family from the other kids at school.  Although at home those were the happiest years of my life at school they were hard and traumatizing.  I spent a lot of lunches alone, I made up songs, I read books everything I could get my hands on even the encyclopedia.

My Aunt, her girlfriend and 2 kids lived upstairs from us. My little cousin was four when he passed away he was the size of a baby and still ate baby food. We called him ducky Warren. He didn’t speak very much but he had a smile that could light up the world. He was a very happy boy and we all loved him very much. That is when I started caring so much for the under dogs.

When my daughter was born I had a next door neighbor who liked to come over to play with her. I’m not sure of her exact disability, but she had the mentality of a child. She loved kids so I let her play with LPS whenever she was outside after a while I started letting her come in the house too but that was difficult because she would trip or slip on things easily and I was afraid of her getting hurt or breaking something. I let her play with my kids for years. She was around until My David was 2 when she started being hostile and ended up going to live with her mother in another state.

I think all of these things helped me to understand My David and prepared me to have patience with him. He may have a hard time communicating but he still loves. He may not fit in but he still is a kid and deserves to be loved. I truly believe that God gave him to me knowing that I was the mother he needed and that he was the son that I needed too. Before My David I thought that I was weak, fragile even. I thought that I couldn’t handle upsetting things, I couldn’t even look at my dad with out crying towards the end so I left. The worst part of that was that it was what everybody expected because that is who I was at the time. My David came and he only slept 20 minutes at a time, but I took care of him and he healed me by pulling that strength out of me. He looks just like my dad and that healed me too. Now I know that I would do anything for my kids even if it is hard they hold me together.



We call my mom Nana and I don’t just mean me and the kids. The neighborhood kids and even the adults call her Nana too. She is always making neighbors into friends and friends into family. Their kids listen to her like they would their own grandparents. With some of them more than they would their grandparents she has their respect. She watched them on short notice when they couldn’t or didn’t want to go some where with their parents. She feeds them some without their knowing it came from her. She hates to see anybody go hungry especially children. She’s loaned out video games and gamer magazines. She’s gives them chores to do when they needed some extra money. She has such an open heart that many times it has been broken. People that we consider family have hurt us just as blood family often does, but it doesn’t keep her down. She is a role model for strength and love. I hope I can be as strong as she has become.

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