Shut In Mama

I have recently realized I am totally shut in my house on most weeks.

I take Little Pop Star to baton once a week, drop her off and pick her up. I don’t know any of the parents there so I hardly ever talk to anybody during these trips.

I went to a PTO meeting this week I haven’t been in a long while, I knew the principal and one teacher, I recognized one other parent. I was late and because of Little Boy not feeling well I had to leave early. I didn’t recognize the new President of PTO or the Treasurer because I hadn’t been in so long but they seem like people I would like to be friends with.

I some times talk to people that I run into in the grocery store, but even that is less frequent because people must be forgetting about me. My  cousin didn’t say hello to me when I saw her in the store. The grandfather of Little Boy’s sister, who came to my wedding didn’t know me when I said hi to him. I’m pretty sure I haven’t changed much, most people say I look the same. Maybe it’s just that nobody sees me and they have forgotten I exist.

This gave me the urge to start volunteering at the school or going places where there are adults but then I come back to the same reasons why that won’t work.

I turned on the computer and reached out to people I can be myself with and not have to leave my kids with strangers to do it.

Also posting a recent picture soon so none of my friend will not know me when they do see me.


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