Lil Big Boy

Little boy is sick again, some stomach virus, the same one My David had at the end of last week. On top of that allergies have been driving us crazy it’s been just warm enough to have tree pollen and not warm enough to turn the heaters off. I’m dreading how ever long he’s going to be home for this one. He already doesn’t want to go to school and every time he has a break or gets sick it’s worse trying to get him to go back.
I had an I.E.P. for him last week it totally drained me and accomplished nothing. The teacher doesn’t want to add gross motor to his qualifications for special ed and doesn’t want to do physiological evaluations until just before he starts Kindergarten so about a year from now. She’s still saying she doesn’t see any signs of anxiety with Lil Boy.
I have another person that works with him we are going to do a Deca test, social/emotional test, so we have that to bring to the school district. Then we can get the ball rolling on switching him to the other local school district. I’ve been told they only take kids from my school district the qualify for more than speech.
I also have the lovely job of finding a pediatrician for Lil Boy so he can have his hearing tested and I can prove that there is nothing wrong with it. He doesn’t answer when the teacher calls his name, to me that is a big alarm, but she thinks he needs his hearing checked. I also have to get him back to the ENT to say whether his speech delay is due to his tonsils being large. I have to wait until he’s not sick or allergic to do that because every time I’ve taken him to the doctor, the doctor would blame the large tonsils on him being sick.

The good news is he’s making good progress in Speech and fine motor. He’s no longer holding the crayons like he’s going to kill the paper. Except when he  is trying to kill the paper. Also he knows his name and can recognize it in print.

I need to get me in too because all of this stress has me pulling my hair out and I need something. Also, I’m going to try to get my drivers license and need something for that anxiety too. For anybody that doesn’t know I hate driving, have been frightened of it since I was a little girl and have never had a license.

Off topic My David is Autistic and he knows it. We were watching a news program about new findings with Autism and he said “I’m Autistic”


Shut In Mama

I have recently realized I am totally shut in my house on most weeks.

I take Little Pop Star to baton once a week, drop her off and pick her up. I don’t know any of the parents there so I hardly ever talk to anybody during these trips.

I went to a PTO meeting this week I haven’t been in a long while, I knew the principal and one teacher, I recognized one other parent. I was late and because of Little Boy not feeling well I had to leave early. I didn’t recognize the new President of PTO or the Treasurer because I hadn’t been in so long but they seem like people I would like to be friends with.

I some times talk to people that I run into in the grocery store, but even that is less frequent because people must be forgetting about me. My  cousin didn’t say hello to me when I saw her in the store. The grandfather of Little Boy’s sister, who came to my wedding didn’t know me when I said hi to him. I’m pretty sure I haven’t changed much, most people say I look the same. Maybe it’s just that nobody sees me and they have forgotten I exist.

This gave me the urge to start volunteering at the school or going places where there are adults but then I come back to the same reasons why that won’t work.

I turned on the computer and reached out to people I can be myself with and not have to leave my kids with strangers to do it.

Also posting a recent picture soon so none of my friend will not know me when they do see me.

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