Autism Single Moms Blog Spot

  1. My spare time.
  2. A remote control by peeing on it.
  3. Our entire house.
  4. Every vacuum I ever had. We have to get a new one every two months.
  5. A brand new Sony PSP by throwing it in the dumpster.
  6. My toilet, he flushed batman down it to watch him swim and clogged it to the point that not even the plumber could get it out. Had to remove the toilet, fish for it in the drain and install a new one, since the old one got broken in the process.
  7. Paint job on both sides of the truck by writing I love you in a billion scribbles with a rock.. 😉 one of those you can’t be mad about because it’s a sweet thought.
  8. At the age of 5 he threw a 19 inch tv across the room.
  9. My career, but I dont really miss it.
  10. Some how he manage to put…

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