Foood and Autism

Corm in the chili, no bar-b-Que sauce for the meat what were we thinking! Something green, it better not even come near my David’s plate.

I dream about making one pot meals or casseroles , I know the kids won’t eat them though so it’s hot dogs, chicken nuggets or pizza. My daughter will eat vegetables even spinach and she likes fish, but squeaky wheel gets the oil as they say. The closest we get to putting vegetables on My David’s plate is sneaking it in the spaghetti sauce pureed of course.

Most people don’t understand this parents with typical children will say something like well all kids want to eat those things or if you keep giving it to them eventually they will eat it. My David has literally thrown up trying to eat cooked vegetables. He will not eat the other foods he will go hungry not just for one meal but for however many meals there are where his foods are not served. I’ve tried vitamins for him, even the expensive liquid ones, until he noticed they were in his cup and wouldn’t drink. I got fed up with having to dump the cup and give him something else after hours of him not drinking anything.

I have tried making the fake nuggets, the all beef hot dogs and the pizza with peppers or other vegetables, but he can always tell. I hope at some point this will improve. We almost had an improvement with Yo-Gaba-Gaba try it you’ll like it song but it doesn’t work any more.


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