Happy New Year

My David and Little Pop Star actually made it until the ball dropped this year. Little boy has been sleeping at night again. Crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that he stays on this schedule. Little Pop Star ripped the old calendar off the wall only to be disappointed because there wasn’t a new one to put up. I went to the dollar store to get a new one today but, they said the calendars have been sold out for a week and a half.

Even though I don’t usually make resolutions I have a few this year. Mainly my resolutions have to do with being a mother.

I resolve to spend less time playing games online late at night. They make me stay up too late and then I make the mistake of sleeping in past when the kids get up.

I resolve to try to be awake when my kids are to try to prevent the house from being destroyed.

Knowing that it is impossible to prevent all destruction I resolve to take a deep breath and try to get the children to help me clean the tornadic destruction they make. I also resolve to let them play with the messy toys although this seems counter productive I know how important it is for them to play with these things.

For myself I promise to spend more time grooming, relaxing and destressing so that I can be the mom that they deserve.

For this blog I resolve to spend more time writing rewriting and thinking about what is important to write about.

Last year my resolutions all had to do with being healthier those didn’t work out that well but there is always next year.


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