I No Like School!

Little Boy doesn’t like school he tells me all the time. At first I thought well it’s just a phase, just something he’ll get over.

This has been going on since November.
He started wetting himself at school, the school thinks maybe he’s just distracted and doesn’t want to go potty.

Am I just an anxiety ridden Autism Mom looking for problems, I don’t think so, but how would I know.

He’s been going to bed easily for weeks now he thinks he need a bath as soon as the sun goes down, but I deal with it to try and resolve this. This usually means dinner at 6. Am I hungry at 6 no, but I deal with it because schedules are good for children. Yet the teacher is assuming that it must be something at home that makes him not want to go to school. I don’t think so!

I don’t fuss over him leaving, I have even been leaving him more often without him getting upset. I actually shower during the day whether he’s home or not and he doesn’t cry about it any more.

Wits End hold on I’m getting there!


Autism Single Moms Blog Spot

  1. Repeating something until you say what they want to hear lol.
  2. Constant humming … sometimes I can tune it out but theres other times it absolutely drives me insane…. worse than nails down a chalkboard.
  3. Licking the walls, snowbanks, and other related things.
  4. The extremely high pitched screaming out of nowhere just for pure entertainment in public lmao well maybe I kinda find that amusing.
  5. Repeating the same phrase/comment/sentence over and over and over again.
  6. Chewing everything, including every sippy cup I purchase.
  7. Taking batteries out of EVERYTHING he can get a hold of.
  8. Kicking when I’m driving because we have to go a different route trying to divert traffic.
  9. Taking off his clothes!! He’s pretty good about keeping them on at school but once he’s comfortable in a place he goes to often (Nana’s house, other relative’s and friends houses) he just feels free to run around without any clothes!!
  10. Tearing every electronic…

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Autism Single Moms Blog Spot

  1. Because we were out of string cheese.
  2. Somebody commented on how cute his boots looked on him. 🙂
  3. Because I put 7 marshmellows instead of 6 in his hot chocolate drink.
  4. He had 3 twizzlers and not 5. He has a thing about everything being 5.
  5. Because he missed the first minute of his daily Rosary on TV.
  6. Because school was closed.
  7.  His straw was bent so he screamed and banged his head for twenty minutes.
  8. Because the items in the store had been moved around and the displays. changed.
  9. Because her clothes had seams on them.
  10. Because we walked or drove another way.
  11. I couldn’t find his favorite pair of pajama bottoms.
  12. Because the school bus was late in picking him up.
  13. Because his favourite toy’s battery went dead.
  14. Moving one of his lined up toys by an inch.
  15. Switching the TV channel for a brief moment.
  16.  A stranger said hello to him!!…

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Autism Single Moms Blog Spot

  1. My spare time.
  2. A remote control by peeing on it.
  3. Our entire house.
  4. Every vacuum I ever had. We have to get a new one every two months.
  5. A brand new Sony PSP by throwing it in the dumpster.
  6. My toilet, he flushed batman down it to watch him swim and clogged it to the point that not even the plumber could get it out. Had to remove the toilet, fish for it in the drain and install a new one, since the old one got broken in the process.
  7. Paint job on both sides of the truck by writing I love you in a billion scribbles with a rock.. 😉 one of those you can’t be mad about because it’s a sweet thought.
  8. At the age of 5 he threw a 19 inch tv across the room.
  9. My career, but I dont really miss it.
  10. Some how he manage to put…

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Foood and Autism

Corm in the chili, no bar-b-Que sauce for the meat what were we thinking! Something green, it better not even come near my David’s plate.

I dream about making one pot meals or casseroles , I know the kids won’t eat them though so it’s hot dogs, chicken nuggets or pizza. My daughter will eat vegetables even spinach and she likes fish, but squeaky wheel gets the oil as they say. The closest we get to putting vegetables on My David’s plate is sneaking it in the spaghetti sauce pureed of course.

Most people don’t understand this parents with typical children will say something like well all kids want to eat those things or if you keep giving it to them eventually they will eat it. My David has literally thrown up trying to eat cooked vegetables. He will not eat the other foods he will go hungry not just for one meal but for however many meals there are where his foods are not served. I’ve tried vitamins for him, even the expensive liquid ones, until he noticed they were in his cup and wouldn’t drink. I got fed up with having to dump the cup and give him something else after hours of him not drinking anything.

I have tried making the fake nuggets, the all beef hot dogs and the pizza with peppers or other vegetables, but he can always tell. I hope at some point this will improve. We almost had an improvement with Yo-Gaba-Gaba try it you’ll like it song but it doesn’t work any more.

Happy New Year

My David and Little Pop Star actually made it until the ball dropped this year. Little boy has been sleeping at night again. Crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that he stays on this schedule. Little Pop Star ripped the old calendar off the wall only to be disappointed because there wasn’t a new one to put up. I went to the dollar store to get a new one today but, they said the calendars have been sold out for a week and a half.

Even though I don’t usually make resolutions I have a few this year. Mainly my resolutions have to do with being a mother.

I resolve to spend less time playing games online late at night. They make me stay up too late and then I make the mistake of sleeping in past when the kids get up.

I resolve to try to be awake when my kids are to try to prevent the house from being destroyed.

Knowing that it is impossible to prevent all destruction I resolve to take a deep breath and try to get the children to help me clean the tornadic destruction they make. I also resolve to let them play with the messy toys although this seems counter productive I know how important it is for them to play with these things.

For myself I promise to spend more time grooming, relaxing and destressing so that I can be the mom that they deserve.

For this blog I resolve to spend more time writing rewriting and thinking about what is important to write about.

Last year my resolutions all had to do with being healthier those didn’t work out that well but there is always next year.

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