Dreams and Wishes

I used to be a girl full of dreams of were my life would be and places I would go. When I was a child I dreamed of being a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. I dreamed of being a famous singer, of having the largest private library in the world.

I fell in love all of the time. I loved the new toy. I loved my pets. I loved my friends. I had crushes that changed every few weeks. I dreamed of the fairy tail love and the dream wedding.

I wrote poetry about nature and love.

Now I’m grown (I hope) and my dreams and wishes are much different. I’m unrecognizable to that little girl that I was. All of my dreams surround my children.

I wish that my daughter doesn’t get held back by our financial difficulties. I wish that she will find somebody that really love her and that she won’t make the mistakes I made being in love with love. I hope that not having a dad in her life doesn’t affect her to badly. I hope she is successful and that even when she fails she keeps trying.

I hope that My David is healthy and that he makes friends. I hope that he grows to have independence not just for me, but so that if something happens to me he’ll be able to provide for himself. I wish that he’ll have love because no matter his differences his heart is big and his love is pure.

I hope that Kory will start to like school and value his eduction. I hope that he works hard a become the kind of man a mother can be proud of. I hope that he treats women in the way a real man should. I wish him to not grow to hate his other side of his for not acknowledging him and that they can someday have a relationship.

I wish for me to have a way to provide for my kids in the years to come and that even when they are grown if they need help that I will be able to be there. I wish that someday I will find somebody who can be the dad that they need because even though I try I know it’s not the same. I hope that my dad is looking down on me and is proud of what I’m doing and that he will stay in my heart to guide me. I hope that my mom will stay around a long time and that when she does leave this world it doesn’t break me  because I’m all my kids have.

I hope that everybody that reads this takes away something good from it.


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