The Princess and the Pea (sort of)

Last night when I laid down for bed my son was in the middle of the bed which left me a small place on either side of him. I wasn’t annoyed this is common place for when a child has climbed into my bed. Most people with experience in restless kids know where ever the fall asleep you leave them or risk waking them which will undoubtedly lead to them not wanting to go back to sleep for a while. At which point they will fall asleep and end up somewhere else you preferred them not to sleep at like with their head at the foot of the bed. So I’m trying to go to sleep in my little allotted space, but am tossing and turning. My side hurt I thought it was just the sheet bunching up, but I try to straiten it out and yet still feel like I’m sleeping with a boulder under my side. I reach under the sheet to discover one of my son’s candies from earlier he must have been saving it for later. Even with it moved I’m pretty sure there must be a bruise or something where I was laying on it. I always knew I must be a princess it took a 3 year old to help me validate that I’m really a princess. The self rescuing, kick butt, can make my own dinner kind of princess but none the less.


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