I’ve decided to write up some things that I’m thankful for all the time especially for Thanksgiving.

1.My family specifically my mom (Nana), for taking more of an extra parent role and not spoiling my kids. My sister, Yellow Rose for all of the support financially and emotionally. Then there is my Gram for the guidance and the transporting of kids, grocery trips and loaning out of household goods (on those days when I can’t get out of the house.)

2.My daughter, Lil Pop Star for being so mature and responsible, most days. For accepting and helping with her brothers, when she wants to.

3.Coffee I must have it all day to keep moving and yes I have problems sleeping, but not from the coffee it’s from kids climbing into my bed.

4.Chocolate, here I must mention these are in no particular order, but like a lot of women I turn to chocolate for that good feeling.

5.For living in the USA, my kids go to a great school and we are provided for pretty well. We can’t do many of the thing we want to, but most of the things we need to do are done.

6.Facebook I get to talk to family and friends out of state and people I’ve never met that I can help or that can give me advice. Also, the games allow me to have fun pretty much free and not have to leave the house and my kids.

7.The dog, she’s a pit-boxer and the most frustrating loveable creature. She likes to lay on the furniture and when she wants to go out she wants out right away. She likes to snuggle and will lay next to me on the floor by my couch when I’m sick. She likes people food especially potato chips and will sit quietly and stare until somebody gives her whatever they are eating.

8.My son’s teachers and workers that have transformed him in the last few years from a kid that could barely speak and couldn’t handle eating a meal out of the house to a some what adjusted very verbal Autistic boy.

9. For my little rascal, he drives me crazy aggravating his sister and brother. He’s my heart and my hope he’s my baby boy.

10. For My David he’s Autistic, but it’s doesn’t define everything he is to me. He’s cuddly, smart, inventive, brave and he’s a piece of me. He is the piece I was missing for years when I was looking for some kind of love that I couldn’t even fathom. A love that doesn’t require “I love you” and hugs and which makes it all the sweeter when it comes.

I’ve wrote and cried so now I’m done thank you for reading this.


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