Little Daily Miracles

Things I’m thankful for today.
Today my David played get your nose with his little brother, it made me smile and cry a little. When he was 3 if you told him you had his nose he would cry because he took everything literally. He’s 6 now and my little boy is 3. He started the game and actually laughed then ran with his brother’s nose and they played together without fighting.
I never thought that having 2 boys would be such a blessing I love my girl, but if my 3rd child had been a girl I believe the family would be chaos. I wanted a girl but part of that was the Autism fear since boys are so much more likely to be on the spectrum than girls.
My daughter is a rubber band. Today we got rid of the old bunk beds, even though we haven’t gotten the new ones yet, a friend says she wants them. I told my daughter that we got rid of her bed because she doesn’t like to sleep in it any ways and she didn’t care she just agreed.
My sister sent us a box of snacks that are gluten free and the cookies were good enough that even my mom ate one.


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